Percentage of success at RADIANCE is far better than ‘other’ institutes, why ?

Reason-1 :

There is only one set of highly experienced faculties for Physics, Chemistry and Maths, they not only teach but they resolve the smallest doubts of students where as ‘others’ have very unstable (they keep on changing jobs) & lesser experienced (most of them are new comers to coaching industry) faculties (employees).

Reason-2 :

At RADIANCE, faculties teach whole session with full dedication and involvement as they are the directors also, not just employees as in ‘other’ coachings, so obviously their level of dedication is far better than those at ‘other’ coachings.


'Other' coachings keep shuffling/ rotating faculties in the name of batch level/ sub topics so that student can never synchronize with faculty, so that in case faculty leaves the institute, coachings remain unaffected and this causes severe loss to student, where as in RADIANCE all topics/ sub topics are taught by same faculties (directors).

Reason-4 :

RADIANCE focuses a lot on motivation which is most important part of JEE preparation because now a days when teenagers are too much occupied with moblies/ online social activities mere teaching of subjects will not solve the purpose, on the other hand ‘other’ coaching just run to complete the syllabus.

In the nut shell they not only charge more than RADIANCE but due to lack of personal care and expertise they waste one/ two precious years of student! We not only teach students for JEE Main and Advance but we also focus on overall development of student and the proof is our result which is not only limited to just JEE but our students shine even in toughest exams of world like SAT, SCRA, KVPY, ISI, etc.